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This is a community dedicated to the awards for The New Library

This is the community dedicated to The New Library Awards. The New Library (the_new_library) is dedicated to recommending new and underappreciated authors, and this focus continues here in the awards. Nominations will be made here, listed here, and voting and awarding will take place here. Welcome!

Below are four important sections, so please read them carefully (particularly the third section!).

1) A list of all those who are working hard to make this awards session the best it can possibly be.

2) A list of all the categories for which we will be accepting nominations.

3) A list of the rules and regulations, including the time line, and how any tiebreakers will be solved.

4) The future of the TNL Awards!

While everyone can nominate and vote in these awards, there will also be a separate set of winners who are 'Judges' Choices'. This means more work for us, but more awards for you guys! This is the current list of the wonderful TNL members who have agreed to be a judge, along with the category/categories/genre/genres they will be judging. If you have any questions about the judging process, please email Angel Mischa

Angel Mischa

This is the list of 'mods' who are going to be responsible for vote-counting, posting fics on the Nominees site, and all the spreadsheet admin-work that comes with nominations and voting!

Number Crunchers
tribunicianveto (julymorning)

Finally, at The New Library Awards we want to be able to present each and every winner with a banner they find attractive. To that end, there are LOTS of banners and icons being made, just waiting to have the nominee's names imprinted upon them!
Here is a link to them all. We have standardised the banners for Winners and Judges' Choices, and you can find a link to the options and the poll that we took here.

This is a list of the wonderful people who helped to make these lovely things!

Banner/Icon Chieftains
Angel Mischa


These are the genre categories (and author categories) for which a fic or author can be nominated. They will be both voted on and judged; therefore, we will have a Winner, Runner-Up and Judges' Choice in each category. There will also be a Bedazzling Hex: Best Fic award, allocated to the most voted for fic after voting is closed. You will not be able to nominate for this category.

The Nuts and Bolts


May 22nd - Nominations begin here (TNL Awards)

June 12th - Seconding period

June 19th - Administrative period: sending emails out to nominees, checking up on links, archiving stuff here if the author generally posts on password-protected sites. (This will be recommended to them, and I will do all the work, but it won't be a requirement. If they don't want their stuff on this archive, they'll have to take their chances with people not reading their story or voting for them!)

June 26th - Voting begins

July 12th - Voting ends

July 14th - Winners announced!


All nominations will be made as screened comments to the Nominations Post. You may:

* Nominate as many stories/authors as you like in each category.
* Nominate yourself.
* Nominate the same author as 'Best New' and ‘Most Diverse’ or 'Best Author' (this should be taken as 'Best Underappreciated Author', as new authors will obviously be in that category) and 'Most Diverse', but the ‘Best New’ and ‘Best Author’ categories are mutually exclusive. The mods will be checking on how new authors really are and reserve the right to shift authors from one category to the other. We will also check with authors about their preferences if there really doesn't seem to be an easy answer to the question of which category they should go in.

Per the general mission of The New Library (and thus its offspring, this Awards site, too!), the stories featured in these awards will be those by New or Underappreciated authors. New we define as 'someone who posted their first fanfic in 2007 or 2008'. Underappreciated has a slightly looser definition. If an author is consistently popular in many of the archives you visit, is well-known, could qualify to be a BNF (Big-Name Fan), then they're probably not going to fall into this category. However, if you're not sure, nominate anyway! All nominations will be checked through to verify an author's eligibility: that's what the mods are for. Nominate away and let us do the leg-work!

The information required for a nomination to be valid is as follows:

Character: (Only required if nominating for 'Best Supporting Character/Best OC' category)

Every story should be nominated for a genre category, no matter what its ship. There may be ship divisions within genres, but that will be a logistical question for the mods and will not affect nominations.

Every author nomination needs only the following information:

Link to writer's page:


Firstly, we will have a seconding system. This means that once a story/author has been nominated, it will be put into a Pending List, which will be posted on the first day of the Seconding Period. On this post, people may 'second' (agree with the nomination) via screened comments. Rules for this:

* You many not second a story/author you yourself nominated.
* You may second as many stories/authors as you would like. However, this power should be used wisely (see below section on Categories for why).
* You may second yourself. This is because...
* Any repeat nominations (that is, if someone nominates a story that has already been nominated by someone else) will be counted as a second. (Thus, as you can nominate yourself, you can also second yourself!)

Seconding will be very important and will take place after nominations have finished.

* When a story is nominated and put up on the Pending List, it requires 1 'second' to become an Official Nominee and be entered into final voting. This is obviously important because a story without a single second will be dropped from the category!
* However, seconding will be even more important If there are no more than 7 nominations in a category. Then, seconding will essentially be Preliminary Voting! The top 7 at the end of the seconding period will go through to be the Official Nominees. In this case, you will still be able to second as many stories as you want, but you are obviously advised to second wisely. Here’s the logic:

If you second everything, well, that's not really helping narrow the category down. If you truly love everything and want to second it, and so does everyone else, and everything is completely tied (something of a big if), then the category will probably run over-subscribed. This is not a desirable situation because it means more reading for everyone and more chance of a split vote, so use the seconding power wisely! Be discriminating in who you second!

* Finally, after the week of seconding is up, the top 7 of any over-subscribed categories will become the Official Nominees.

Before Seconding starts, all authors will be contacted to alert them to their nomination and give them ample chance for pimping. During the administrative period between Seconding and Final Voting, mods will contact authors to notify them if they did not get through. We will also deal with instances of a story that might want to move categories, authors who have stories posted on password-protected archives, finalising the Official Nominees categories and the Official Nominees post, etc. Then, it will be on to...


This is fairly simple. Once again, there will be screened comments on a Voting Post.

* For ALL categories, you will need to vote for your two top preferences. These votes will be given equal weight.
* We ask that you vote in all ships and categories unless you are under-age (and thus cannot read some of the stories) or have a strong reason for not doing so (we ask that you discuss this with one of the mods before voting begins).
The purpose of TNL and the Awards is to encourage people to read new things they may not otherwise have experienced, so reading and voting in only your favourite ship defeats this purpose. However, we are respectful of people's preferences and the fact that we are all busy people, so you don't have to vote in all categories. We just ask that you think about it.
* You may vote for the same story in several categories if it is listed in several. Ditto an author in two categories.
* You may also vote for two of an author's stories in a certain category if you so choose and if there is more than one fic by a specific author in a category.
* We will ask that you cast all your votes at the same time, just for ease of tallying.

And that's it! Everything else will be up to the mods to count, recount, and then announce the winners!

* Footnote: email submissions of nominations/seconds/votes are also fine. Just contact Angel Mischa at angel.mischa@yahoo.com. :-)

The Future of the TNL Awards

We are intending to have a Classics Round in January 2009. Watch this space for more info. :-) In the meantime, The New Library First-Time Fest will be running in the autumn, and if you are interested, then you can take a look at tnl_first_time