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Round 2?
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at December 6th, 2008 (07:31 pm)

There is now a poll at the_new_library considering running Round 2 of The New Library Awards! Please take it here... :)

In case anyone missed the memo... TNL's First-Time Fest!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at August 10th, 2008 (02:52 pm)

(Hope this is okay to post...)

The New Library First-Time Fest


This is a new fest, which will begin in just over a week's time (August 17th!)

The goal is for authors to try something new. So...

Never actually written anything before? Normally a bit scared of these fests and exchanges where everyone seems to know what they're doing? Well, at this fest everyone is doing something new, so it's a great time to start writing fanfic!

And if you've already written, well...

Normally write lengthy fics? Five, six, ten thousand words per chapter? Why not try writing drabbles or a perfectly timed one-shot?
Normally write slash, but curious about femmeslash? Or het? Or gen? Or vice versa? Then try it!
Normally write humour? Darkfic? Then why not try writing your OTP in a different way?

This is essentially what we hope everyone will do. Try writing a different fic length, a different ship, a different genre! You can pick a prompt that appeals to you but is a little different and experiment! We;re hoping for some wonderfully diverse stories to get written this fall, so please come join in if you think you'd enjoy it!

Winners Announced!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at July 14th, 2008 (08:17 pm)

That's right, everyone, we're finally done! *grins* This has been a wonderfully fun experience for me, although time-consuming and a bit stressful, and I hope that everyone else has enjoyed it too! I won't bore you with ramblings now, but suffice to say:

Banners here

Awards 'appraisal' at my LJ (angelmischa) (let us know what went right/wrong, etc.!)

and the list of winners...

Here!Collapse )

by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at July 13th, 2008 (06:24 am)

If you missed voting, my apologies, but voting is now closed. We will now spend the next few hours checking votes, and if necessary, tiebreaker voting (in the form of LJ polls) will be held here from 1pm (EST) until 1pm (EST) tomorrow. Winners will be announced at roughly 4pm (EST) tomorrow (the 14th).

A massive thanks to all who voted, particularly those 19 of you who managed to read and vote in all the categories: a big round of applause for such a wonderful effort!

An appraisal will be posted tomorrow, too, so that you can let us know what worked, what didn't, etc.!

by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at July 1st, 2008 (06:17 am)

Dear wonderful TNLA supporters,

Please remember, in your pimpage posts (which I know you're all making *wink wink*), to provide a link to the Voting Post, which provides our rules for how to vote. (It is the post directly below this one, if you're confused! And, if you'd just rather not scroll, it's here, and I have sneakily linked you directly to the rules part!)

We will disregard all voting comments/emails that haven't followed the rules for voting, so please be methodical in your pimping, and in your own voting!! :-)

Some people say that they find the process for voting confusing, so I'm going to have one last-ditch attempt to explain.

You have until the 12th to vote! Thanks to all those who've voted so far; we look forward to receiving the rest!

Right now, we have quite a few categories that look like there will be tie-breakers to be done. In the event that on the 12th we do not have clear winners, we will hold tie-breaking votes here, which will run for 24 hours.

Voting Post!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at June 26th, 2008 (05:04 am)

This is the Official Voting Post. You should post your votes in a screened comment here!

But first, a few things to mention (and please do read them, they are important!)...

To help make extra clear what we're asking with this different voting system, below is a sample vote!

For your info, we have fifty-two separate categories (inc. 'SS/HG romance', rather than just 'romance'). This sounds like an awful lot, but many of them have stories that appear elsewhere in the awards, so you can 'double up' reading there. The authors also almost all have stories running in the awards, so you will have read some of their work to begin with. Please remember that you do not have to read every single word of a fic to get a good idea of the writer's skill. If a fic doesn't grab you (or actively discourages you from wanting to continue reading – we all have different tastes), please don't struggle on with it and lose heart and give up on the awards altogether. Don't like a fic? Then it's not the fic to vote for! Move on to the next one. :-)

I hope all of this helps. Final Voting is now officially open, and the Official Nominees list can be found here. Any questions, just give us a shout.

Official Nominees List!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at June 20th, 2008 (09:35 pm)

Well, seconding is finally over, and we have our list of Official Nominees. They are arranged, once again, by category, beneath cuts.

A few of the categories are larger than the 7 we were aiming for. This is because if the stories ranked 6th, 7th, 8th, etc. in the list all had the same number of seconds, there was no fair way to divide them up, and as the TNL's goal is to recognise and support as many people as possible, we chose to give you more than 7 nominees rather than less. This may make reading that little bit more tiring, but not too much, I hope!

We will begin accepting votes at 12:01 a.m. on 26th June. Until then, please begin your reading and start thinking about how you will be voting. I'll say more about voting when I post on the 26th. For now, just enjoy the fics!

And if you're lucky enough to be on this list, you are entitled to a Nominee banner! Please see here to take a look, and post a comment over there letting me know your details (penname, fic title, category) and which banner you would like! Also, if you would like to have your fic posted at The New Library Nominees comm, please leave a comment here and let me know (add an email address please so I can get in touch easily? Everything's screened)! There's a link to TNLN on the right if you're not sure what it's all about. :-)

Edit: I have now tried to find as many alternate links as I can to fics so that, hopefully, you will be able to read eacha nd every story on some archive or other. Authors, if you have any links I have neglected that you think may be useful to people, please supply them soon! :-) Remember, though, that stories on different archives may have some differences, particularly in spelling and grammar, so please keep that in mind when you're going through the stories.

Any questions, please ask here!

by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at June 20th, 2008 (05:27 am)

Dear all

Thank you so, so much for your participation in the seconding voting. It's gone off (almost) without a hitch!

Here's what will happen now:

1) Today, authors will be emailed who did not make it through. As a courtesy, we would like to tell them ourselves rather than have them see the list first, as happened with nominations.

2) Tonight, the list of Official Nominees will be posted. I would suggest that if you didn't start during seconding, you start reading now! There are still a lot of fics here.

3) The New Library would like for everyone to vote in every category. We think that even if you don't particularly support the ship, you can take a look through a chapter or two and come to a decision about the quality of that author's writing and how interesting the story would be if you were interested in that ship and vote accordingly.

The reason we ask this is that TNL is all about people finding new things: new authors, new genres, new ships. We don't expect you to read a D/G and have that instantly become your OTP. Just that you can read a D/G (or any other ship) and assess its quality. For some, however, this may seem like a dealbreaker. Some people morally object to (or are just squicked by) slash, femmeslash, teacher-student, some other ship type/genre. Some people are under 17 and can't read some of the fics! IF THIS IS THE CASE (if you have a particular ship/category you really don't want to read and vote on), DON'T WORRY! Vote in the categories you can read. :-)

4) The mods will now beaver away talking to authors, making banners for nominees, and posting fics to the TNL Nominees site. There are a few authors interested in this comm, and so links will be subject to change in the Official Nominee list. If you try and read any of the fics and find a problem with the link, please let us know!

Alright, I'll shut up and get to work now. You guys have all been awesome so far in these Awards. Hopefully, voting will go just as wonderfully! :-D


Nominations: Closed - Seconding: Open!!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at June 11th, 2008 (06:09 am)

First of all, a great thank-you to all of those who wracked their brains and came up with this wonderful heap of nominations between them. I've been beavering away to make sure that everything is separated into appropriate categories, and that is now all done, and we can progress quickly on to the Seconding!

Almost all of the nominations were good; only a handful were ineligible for the Awards (so if you don't see a nomination in the list, that will be why), so great job everyone!

Authors will be contacted tonight and over the next few days via email about their nominations. If you've discovered you've been nominated, please pimp up the awards to your f-list, etc., and increase the number of people getting involved in Seconding. We will all love you for it. The more people, the better! (If you nominated a story, including one of your own, you cannot second it However, if someone else nominated a story of yours, you definitely CAN second it!)

Okay. So. If you want to brush up on what the point of this 'seconding' malarky is, read here:

Quick RefreshCollapse )
Right. So, you know why we're doing this. Now here's how it's going to be done!

ProcessCollapse )
And now, without further ado (and with a quick link back to the Questions Post if any of this is confusing/you're not sure what to do and want to ask a mod!)... the categories! (In a separate post below!)

Seconding runs until midnight EST on June 19th! Have fun. :-D

Seconding Voting!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at June 11th, 2008 (05:30 am)

current mood: accomplished

This is the post to which you should be commenting in order to Second a story!

To second, make a list of all the stories you like and post that list in a comment to this post.

Also, if you see things you particularly like the look of and are excited by any particular category, then think about becoming a Judge for the awards. You can find a post about Judging here.

If you are new or just have forgotten how seconding will work, please skim over the Rules and Regs again. However, here is the summary of what needs to be done...

1) ALL STORIES, no matter how many stories are in the category, REQUIRE A SECOND. This is a quality control kinda thing, just to make sure that the story is supported by more than one member of the community. :-)

2) IF THERE ARE MORE THAN SEVEN STORIES IN A CATEGORY, we need to make that category smaller. Therefore, the seven stories with the most seconds (i.e. the most people who comment below and name the story as something they want to see in the next round) will go through to the next round!

All categories have the nominations listed with numbers attached to them, so it'll be easy to see what categories are over-sized because they'll have more than 7 nominations in them!

Also, for the purposes of the awards, threesome fics have been listed as 'slash' because:

1) slash-content may be given as a reason for people omitting a category in their voting
2) there were not many of them, and without doing this they wouldn't have been able to run in the Awards.

If anyone thinks this needs to be changed, please contact Angel Mischa so that we can discuss how categories may possibly be re-arranged. Categories that were too small and didn't make it through to this stage can be viewed here. Please take a look at them, read them, rec them at TNL, etc. They're great stories, we just didn't have enough nominations for every category!

Naturally, due to the nature of these awards, a few nominations did not make it into the awards either due to eligibility reasons or due to categories that were just too small. If you made a nomination and you don't see it here and are unsure why we've omitted it, feel free to ask! We may just have mis-typed something or left it off the list. Any other questions, including error-spots, are also welcome at the Questions Post!

Edit: The list has been edited to make everything easier to read. Hope it helps! (Because it took me over two hours to do...)

by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at June 10th, 2008 (09:39 pm)


There are only a few hours left to get your nominations now! The Nominations Post is a few scrolls down, but also here.

After midnight EST, there will be no more nominations. Tomorrow, a post will be made to being Preliminary Voting!

The Official Nominations Post
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at May 22nd, 2008 (12:01 am)

current location: The Library
current mood: excited

Yes, the day has finally arrived!

Before you begin, make sure you've read our Rules and Regs, or at least the abbreviated version at the Questions Post, where you can also ask any questions you may have about the process (please don't put your questions in comments on this post! This is for nominations only). You can also find a copy and pastable list of all our categories in the Questions Post, but just in case you're too lazy to go down there and get it for yourself, here it is again.

Nominations are open until midnight on June 11th.

Don't feel you have to make all your nominations at once. If you find something new and wonderful after you've made your nominations, come back and nominate it!

Anonymous nominations will not be accepted. Please sign in in order to nominate.

When making your nominations, please use the following formats:

To nominate for a genre (i.e. Best Drama):

<b>Author's Name:</b>
<b>Story Title:</b>
<b>Category:</b> Details of these found in the Rules and Regs/Questions Post
<b>Ship:</b> Gen (no ship) is also allowed! More than one ship? List the 'major' one or list them all, it doesn't matter. :-)

To nominate an author (i.e. Best New Author):

<b>Author's Name:</b>
<b>Link(s) to author's page</b>: If you happen to have read their work on more than one archive, you can include multiple links here

To nominate a story for its portrayal of a character (i.e. Best OC or Best Supporting Character):
<b>Author's Name:</b>
<b>Story Title:</b>
<b>Category:</b> Details of these found in the Rules and Regs/Questions Post
<b>Ship:</b> Gen (no ship) is also allowed! More than one ship? List the 'major' one or list them all, it doesn't matter. :-)
<b>Character's name:</b>

Oh, yes, and PIMP the Awards! :-)

The Grand Questions Post
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at May 18th, 2008 (01:08 pm)

current location: The Library
current mood: calm
current music: Holst's Planets Suite



This post may take a few minutes to get through, so get comfy and enjoy the wonderful coffee, lemons and literature The New Library provides!

Under the cut will be a summary of the rules that are also located here. This is an abbreviated version, but it is still a bit long. Feel free to dip in and out, ignore most of it, just use it as a reference, etc.

If you have any questions about the rules, categories or producures
(or anything else!), then please comment to this post and one of your friendly mod-ladys (angelmischa  shallyshilly  and
dynonugget ) will get back to you shortly.

Updated Welcome!
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at May 9th, 2008 (10:08 am)

This is (something) of a rip-off of the Welcome post a few pages down, but as this style sheet is giving me trouble rearranging the order of posts, this will have to serve as a new welcome!

If you are just curious about the awards, here is the basic run-down:

TNL Awards is dedicated to awarding new and/or underappreciated authors and their writing in all ships and genres! Which makes this an awards site for everyone! We have lots of different genre categories, which you can find along with full details of our rules, how to know who is 'new and/or underappreciated', how to nominate and vote, etc., in our user info, to the left, under 'Rules and Info!' But, to shorthand it all:

Nominate things you love and let we humble mods worry about checking eligibility!
Nominate yourself if you're feeling a little underappreciated in fandom these days!
This is our timeline:

May 22nd - Nominations begin here (TNL Awards)

June 12th - Seconding period

June 19th - Administrative period : sending emails out to nominees, checking up on links, archiving stuff here if the author generally posts on password-protected sites. (This will be recommended to them, and I will do all the work, but it won't be a requirement. If they don't want their stuff on this archive, they'll have to take their chances with people not reading their story or voting for them!)

June 26th - Voting begins

July 12th - Voting ends

July 14th - Winners announced!

Please join this community and The New Library (where you will find numerous recommendations for wonderful fictions!) and then sit back and wait for the awards to commence shortly! Any questions, please ask here. :-)

Angel Mischa

Interested in Judging?
by angelmischa (angelmischa)
at May 2nd, 2008 (03:19 pm)

In this, our first round of awards, we will be having awards that are voted on and Judge's Choice Awards. If you think you would like to be a judge, please comment here (screened comments) with the following info:

LJ Username
Preferred categories/ships
Why I want to be a Judge (just a brief comment is fine!)
I will/will not be available throughout the months of June and July (just so we know how much work we can load on you! ;-) I kid. Just to know what sorts of schedules people have, etc.)

AM x

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